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How Manufacturer Turn Idea into Enamel Pins

From Hand Drawing to Hard Enamel Lapel Pin by China Factory -

  • Producible Color Matching Artwork Making for Enamel Pins

  • CNC Mold Making for Enamel Pins

  • Stamping to Get Rough Enamel Pins Ready

  • Polishing to Make Enamel Pins Surface Smooth

  • Plating to Add Metalic Colors on Enamel Pins

  • Color Filling to Complete Enamel Pin Design

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Custom Enamel Pins Styles

Die Struck Enamel Pins

Die struck custom lapel pin means there is no enamel color on pin surface. Lapel pins’ color comes from electronic plating. It can be silver, gold, rose gold, brass, black. etc

Soft Enamel Pins

Soft enamel custom lapel pin means the enamel color is at a lower level than the metal borders which give the soft enamel pin a ‘bumpy’ feeling.

Hard Enamel Pins

Hard enamel custom lapel pin make the enamel color surface at the same level of metal borders. The entire pin surface is flat. After polish the enamel colors get a smooth looking.

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Custom Enamel Pins Backing Options

lapel-pin-butterfly-clutch-custom-lapel-pin-manufacturer-china-ilapelpin-com lapel-pin-deluxe-clutch-custom-lapel-pin-manufacturer-china-ilapelpin-com lapel-pin-jewelry-clutch-custom-lapel-pin-manufacturer-china-ilapelpin-com
Butterfly Clutch Deluxe Clutch Jewelry Clutch
lapel-pin-rubber-clutch-custom-lapel-pin-manufacturer-china-ilapelpin-com lapel-pin-magnetic-clutch-custom-lapel-pin-manufacturer-china-ilapelpin-com lapel-pin-safety-pin-back-custom-lapel-pin-manufacturer-china-ilapelpin-com
Rubber Clutch Magnetic Clutch Safety Pin


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Custom Enamel Pins Plating Options

One Color Plating Options

1-gold-plating-challenge-coin-gold-plating-lapel-pin-gold-plating-badge-gold-plating-medal 2-matte-gold-plating-challenge-coin-matte-gold-plating-lapel-pin-matte-gold-plating-badge-matte-gold-plating-medal 4-silver-plating-challenge-coin-silver-plating-lapel-pin-silver-plating-badge-silver-plating-medal 5-matte-silver-plating-challenge-coin-matte-silver-plating-lapel-pin-matte-silver-plating-badge-matte-silver-plating-medal 7-copper-plating-challenge-coin-copper-plating-lapel-pin-copper-plating-badge-copper-plating-medal 8-matte-copper-plating-challenge-coin-matte-copper-plating-lapel-pin-matte-copper-plating-badge-matte-copper-plating-medal
Gold Plating Matte Gold: $0.3/pc Silver Plating Matte Silver:$0.3/pc Copper Plating Matte Copper: $0.3/pc
10-antique-copper-plating-challenge-coin-antique-copper-plating-lapel-pin-antique-copper-plating-badge-antique-copper-plating-medal 11-antique-nickel-plating-challenge-coin-antique-nickel-plating-lapel-pin-antique-nickel-plating-badge-antique-nickel-plating-medal 12-antique-brass-plating-challenge-coin-antique-brass-plating-lapel-pin-antique-brass-plating-badge-antique-brass-plating-medal 13-black-nickel-plating-challenge-coin-black-nickel-plating-lapel-pin-black-nickel-plating-badge-black-nickel-plating-medal 14-nickel-plating-challenge-coin-nickel-plating-lapel-pin-nickel-plating-badge-nickel-plating-medal 15-matte-nickel-plating-challenge-coin-matte-nickel-plating-lapel-pin-matte-nickel-plating-badge-matte-nickel-plating-medal
Antique Copper: $0.2/pc Antique Nickel: $0.2/pc Antique Brass: $0.2/pc Black Nickel Nickel Matte Nickel: $0.3/pc


Make One Color Plating Lapel Pins Right Now

Dual Plating Options

Gold & Silver: $0.5/pc Antique Silver & Antique Brass: $0.8/pc Antique Silver & Gold: $0.8/pc Antique Gold & Antique Copper: $0.8/pc Silver & Copper: $0.5/pc


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Custom Enamel Pins Package Options

1. PVC Coin Bag - 4. Velvet Coin Box - 5. Paper Coin Box - 6. Plastic Coin Box -
PVC Bag Velvet Box: $1.5/pc Paper Box: $1/pc

Plastic Box: $0.8/pc


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