Do flag pins have anything to do with election?

The answer is positive. Flag pins do have something to do with election. So what is that thing exactly? Lapel pins present artwork and most importantly, show the professional affiliation or shows the political beliefs someone has. A Lapel pin can be anything, an animal, a logo, a shape, even a letter. And now it is a national flag.

When we talk about flag lapel pins (also known as flag pins), an item that turns a national flag pattern into reality to wear on lapel which shows wearer’s patriotism, it is a normal way for politicians to demonstrate a love for their countries. The first well-know flag pin wearer should be Barack Hussein Obama, the 44th president of the United States.

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At present days, the most popular thing might be the American Election. As a non-American, especially as a citizen who has no influence to MY head of state, I worried a lot about this thousands mails away election. Psychologically, this is a kind of psychological compensation, which is a psychological defense mechanism, means that when an individual because of their physical or mental defects resulting object can’t be reached, the change in other ways to make up for these shortcomings, in order to alleviate their anxiety, build their self-esteem. (Yeah, build my self-esteem. LOL).

Hell No!

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I am just seizing every possible opportunity to learn English. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, they are both talented to me. Think about it, they are able to convince thousands of Americans vote for him/her. Just learn a little bit of that trick, I will be able to convince thousands of clients to vote their orders for me (LOL)

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Well, let’s get back to the topic. After so many days, Finally Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are run for their final competition.

On 26th, Sep, 2016 at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y, People after such a long time waiting finally watched the first lie:

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Well, forget the backs, let’s see the faces

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‘Mr. Trump, I am John Doe from NSS NEWS (short for NONSENSE NEWS) would you mind if I ask couples of questions’

‘NO, go ahead.’

‘So Mr. Trump, what’s that shiny little thing on your lapel? Is that a flag pin? ‘

‘Yeah, sure it is.’

‘That looks so cool, why you are wearing a flag pin?’

‘Go to, they will tell you.’

‘But I am asking you.’

‘You are fired!’

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Usually, there are single flag pin and double flags pin. We already see the pins with single flag. As for the pins with double flag, usually it is used to show friendship between two nations. Since Mr. Trump is running for the president of United States, he wears a American National Flag pin. If some is interested in the governor of a state, then the state flag pins will be useful.

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