The current pandemic has impacted many industries, but particularly large sports gatherings like running events. As a leading custom medal manufacturer, we know better than most how heavily our industry has been hit by COVID-19.

Luckily, the running industry is no stranger to challenges, and it’s already looking for ways to bounce back. Ever heard of virtual running events? If not, we’re here to offer all the information you might need. And why not take advantage of our medal drop shipping to really make your event stand out?

  • How has COVID-19 impacted the running industry?
  • Ways to save the running business: Take your running event virtual
  • Who’s already offering virtual running events?
  • What is drop shipping?
  • How does drop shipping benefit a virtual event organizer?
  • The key to making a virtual running event successful

How has COVID-19 impacted the running industry?

Although many countries have handled locked down differently, the bottom line is that most have canceled large-scale gatherings, including sports events such as 5K and 10K marathons.

This has obviously had a massive impact on the economy, but also on people’s mental health. Not only do people feel less confident buying things, but the result of so many events being canceled has had a knock-on effect for many other businesses too.

As a medal manufacturer and supplier, we’ve certainly noticed the impact. However, we, like many other companies, have been looking to overcome the challenges presented by COVID-19.

Ways to save the running business: Take your running event virtual

The current solution for saving the running industry is to take your events virtual. In short, a virtual running event is one where participants run a set distance or for a set time, but individually rather than on the same course. This could mean on a treadmill indoors or in a local outdoor space.

The benefits of this kind of virtual running challenge should be fairly obvious from the start. Not only does it allow people to keep fit and spend time outdoors, many people look forward to running events as a way of keeping their mental health up.

Another major advantage of a virtual running event is that people can join anywhere, any time. While this might not seem that helpful for someone who lives close to their favorite running event, it definitely benefits others.

Running event organizers are probably already aware of how far some people travel to attend events. This is obviously restricted in light of the current pandemic, so taking your running event virtual is ideal for people who might not be able to travel.

Virtual running events also offer a way for running companies to get back on their feet because they can be organized in the traditional way. For example, people can still pay entrance fees and there are still opportunities for advertising and merchandise. As a marathon medal supplier, we’re looking forward to the benefits that virtual running events offer.

Who’s already offering virtual running events?

Plenty of running events organizers are already offering virtual running events, particularly as we enter marathon season. Runner’s World has a list of some of the best virtual running events currently being offered, but here are our favorites:

 Gilbert Half Marathon

Registration is currently open for the Gilbert Half Marathon, which is set to take place in November 2020. There are half marathon and 10K options available. After buying a ticket, you simply run the distance in a space local to you and your time will be counted against the race itself.

Run Through Virtual

This site has a collection of some of the best UK-based virtual running events happening over 2020. There are so many to choose from and it’s really easy to sign up.

Setting up a virtual running event takes much less time and money than a normal running event. After all, the organizer only needs to set the time and date, and then runners participate wherever they are.

This means that organizers don’t need to spend time checking things like safety, arranging a route, or putting other measures in place. Runners simply sign up and take part, uploading their stats after completion.

What is drop shipping?

If you plan on organizing any kind of virtual event, make sure you still offer medals to contestants. After all, medals are a great way of getting people involved and showing they’ve participated in the growing trend of virtual events.

However, if you don’t want to offer virtual medals (as many people would appreciate a physical medal), why not take advantage of medal drop shipping?

Drop shipping might seem like a complicated thing, but it’s really not. Let’s see a sample first:

One of our client is based in Australia and ordered 250pcs of medal for his virtual running events. In the old way he will need to place medal order to a factory, wait 10-20 days production then 7-10 days international shipping, he will receive all his 250pcs of medal. That’s not done yet, he will need to pack medals and send medal with engraved name to a correct address/

Now, with our drop shipping service, things get much simple. After medals be produced in an our medal factory, we pack them up one by one and send them out individually directly from China Manufacturer.

Pack Each Medal with Double Bubble Bag:

Medal Drop Shipping Ready to Go!!!

Part of the tracking result:

How does this benefit a virtual event organizer?

Using a medal drop shipping method for your virtual event is a great way to save time and money. Rather than waiting for your medals to be produced then wait for arrival then make them shipped, you simply have all these processed by us.

This means that you can simply focus on organizing more virtual events. If you know your stock is coming directly from the medal manufacturer, you can concentrate on more important things without having to worry about supply issues.

This is obviously a benefit at any time, but particularly during the pandemic considering the impact it’s had on global shipping and supply chains.

Many virtual event organizers are already taking advantage of medal drop shipping methods. One major reason is that many of these events have been organized or adjusted in a very short space of time, meaning they’ve had to look for ways to save time and money.

The key to making a virtual running event successful

The key to making a virtual running event successful is different to a normal running event. In a normal marathon or 10K, many people consider an event to be successful if they’ve had a good time and participated with others. However, this obviously doesn’t work the same in a virtual event.

Therefore, more emphasis needs to be put on participation rewards. For example, many runners appreciate sharing their runs on social media, and this can include time listings so that people can see how they ranked, as they would at a normal running event.

As a result, we believe that our eye-catching medals hold the key to a successful virtual running event. Rewarding people with an interesting custom medal will help them to remember your virtual event and it’ll set it apart from others they might be running in.

As a large custom medal manufacturer, we produce marathon and running medals in all different designs. We have glitter medals, glow in the dark, LED, spinning, and many more.

With such a massive range of choice, it really shouldn’t be difficult for you to find the best custom medals for your event. And with our medal drop shipping method, you don’t even have to worry about supply issues; we’ve got it all covered for you.

Organizing a virtual running event may soon become the new normal in the running industry. As many avid runners are still going out and getting exercise, it offers a great way to unite people in a time of uncertainty.

As a medal manufacturer, we believe that our wide range of custom medals is perfectly suited to virtual running events. Just like a virtual event is a twist on what participants are used to, our medals stand out from the crowd.

Also, our medal drop shipping method makes things really easy, saving you time and money. Why not check out our range today and find one that’ll be perfect for your event?