Why doesn’t Hillary Clinton Wear American Flag Pin During the Debates?

Did you notice Hillary Clinton seldom wears lapel pins during her public shows? Not mention she didn’t wear a flag pin when she debates with Donald Trump while he did. Why was that? Any unspeakable secret? First of all, not matter who asks above question, he is definitely boring, basically single.

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Honestly, does wearing a fag pins really make American more or less likely to vote for her? Who the hell cares if Hillary Clinton wears flag pins or not?

Anyway, in order to answer that boring question and dig out the deep secret behind Hillary Clinton’s campaign, we specially invited Mr John Doe from NSS NEW interviews Hillary Clinton.

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We also sorted out the scripts as below for everyone to review.

John Doe: Hi Ms. Hillary Clinton, Nice to meet you.

Hillary Clinton: You Too.

John Doe: Well, first I’d like to know I voted for you as well as most of my families. There are several immature kids, they’d vote for Trump but I am sure I will convince them.

Hillary Clinton: WOW, thank you so much Mr. John Doe.

John Doe: My pleasure. Well let’s save small talks. The reason I am here to occupy five minutes of your precious time is that. Many of my Audience write to me and ask why your didn’t wear flag pins during your Two Debates with Mr. Trump?

Hillary Clinton: Well, that it, actually I never think about it.

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John Doe: Yeah sure, you can think about it now.

Hillary Clinton: hahaha. Well, Mr. Doe, I guess it’s because my assistant didn’t prepare one flag pin for me.

John Doe: OH, that’s a answer that can not satisfy my audience.

Hillary Clinton: HAHAHA, so what answer you need exactly?

John Doe: Ms. Hillary Clinton, please open your heart for me.

Hillary Clinton: well, this.

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John Doe: Do you worried that a flag pin may hurt your fancy coats?

Hillary Clinton: What do you mean?

John Doe: I mean the butterfly clutch may damage your cloth if there is no button hole on your lapel when you trying to wear one flag pin.

Hillary Clinton: Go ahead.

John Doe: As you can see. For a Lapel Pin, the default attachment is the butterfly clutch. I am not saying butterfly clutch is bad, just it is not suitable for ladies to wear a pin while dressing a fancy suit where is no button holes on lapel. What do you think Ms. Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton: I think…

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John Doe: Yes, you are correct.

So what if a lady wearing fancy suit and also want to wear the flag pin? (sit tight, it’s AD time)

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See these 2 flag. They look all the same in front. But back to the behind, you will see the differences. By replacing butterfly clutch to Magnetic Attachment to make a pin to be Magnetic Pin, iLapelpin.com is able to let ladies wear a pin with no damage to the clothes. Sounds Excited, right?

Hillary Clinton: Ah, I see. So I can wear a flag pin in my next debate?

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John Doe: Sure, you can.

Hillary Clinton: Thank you Mr. John Doe, you helped to solve my problems. Now I can wear a Flag Pins just like Trump because it is a Magnetic Pin.

John Doe: Yep, not a problem anymore.

Hillary Clinton: Thanks again. Mr. John Doe.

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John Doe: You are most well come.

Hillary Clinton: By the way, who’s that supplier again?

John Doe: It is iLapelpin.com, from China, the most reliable and affordable custom lapel pins supplier. They won’t let you down I promise. Search Magnetic Pins on iLapelpin.com, you will find more useful information.

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