Custom Lapel Pins at

Lapel pin is a small metal item that always worn on lapel to show wearer’s belief, religion, groups or anything wearer’d like to show off. Organizations, firms, schools and many other groups would like custom lapels for promotion purpose. It is also a amazing souvenir for tralvers.

Almost every design can be a lapel pin. A letter, a quote, a pattern, a cartoon character and much more. Size of lapel pin is also flexible, 1.5 inch 2inch, 3 inch, 4 inch are all OK.

  • Available to make any design into reality.
  • Flexible in size and shape.
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Custom Challenge Coins at

Challenge coin is a coin, made of copper nickel .etc. There are many themes or topics for challenge coins. Such as miilltary challenges are designed for military. Sports challenge coins are specially design for sport even. There are many coin collectors around the word especially in north American. They take collecting coins and trading coins as a hobby.

Diameter of challenge coin in around 1.5 to 2 inches.

  • Durable and collectable.
  • Mostly round shape, also have other irregular shapes.
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Custom Badges at

Badges are distinctive emblem worn as a mark of office, membership, achievement, licensed employment. They are also symbols that serve as a visual representation of your accomplishments Children may earn badges for almost every kind of activities they participated, this is a common way to encourage kids.

  • Show memberships, achievements, accomplishments.
  • Earning badges is great encourage way for kids.
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Custom Medallions at

Medals, also known as Medallions, they are metal disks with an inscription or design, made to commemorate an event or awarded as a distinction to someone such as a soldier, athlete, or scholar. General there are gold medal, silver medal and copper medal specifically for the fist, second, and third place person in a event. Mostly used in Sports Area.

  • Used for sports areas such as Olympics.
  • Gold, silver and copper.
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Custom Keychains at

Keychain is a small item in your pocket that links all your keys together in case you can not find a single key. It helps you hold all the keys and make keys not easy to be loss. Or you may loss all the keys at one time. It is also a popular promotional items in marketing business. I like keychians.

  • Keep keys together.
  • Loss all keys one time.
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