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How we turn clients Idea to Challenge Coin - PINSBUY.COM

check out how we turn a idea into challenge coin

  • Producible Color Matching Artwork Making for Challenge Coin
  • CNC Mold Making for Challenge Coin
  • Stamping to Get Rough Challenge Coin Ready
  • Polishing to Make Challenge Coin Surface Smooth
  • Plating to Add Colors on Challenge Coin
  • Color Filling to Complete Challenge Coin Design
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Challenge Coin Pricing List

One Side Challenge Coin:

 0.5 inch 1 inch 1.5 inch 2 inch2.5  inch2.5 1 inch
100pcsDescriptionDiscount:$1.00$ 0.10100100
200pcsDescriptionDiscount:$2.00$ 0.20200200
300pcsDescriptionDiscount:$3.00$ 0.30300300
500pcsDescriptionDiscount:$4.00$ 0.40400400
700pcsDescriptionDiscount:$5.00$ 0.50500500
1000pcsDescriptionDiscount:$6.00$ 0.60600600
1500pcsDescriptionYour Total:$10.00Tax: $10.00700700


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